Kiene Brillenburg Wurth is associate professor of Comparative Literature at Utrecht University and project leader of Back to the Book. She gained both her MA and her Phd degree with distinction, and started out as an assistant professor at Utrecht University in 2001. Her books include Between Page and Screen: Remaking Literature Through Cinema and Cyberspace (NY: Fordham UP/Oxford UP), Musically Sublime (NY: Fordham UP), and with Ann Rigney, Het leven van teksten (Amsterdam: Amsterdam UP), an introductory text on Literary Studies used throughout the Netherlands. She has published widely in peer-reviewed volumes, and in journals like Comparative Literature, Journal of the Philosophy of History, Image and Narrative. Forthcoming is a volume on  Liminal Auralities: at the Thresholds of Listening, co-edited with Sander van Maas and contracted by Fordham UP/Oxford UP, and an interdisciplinary volume on screen satire. She is currently finishing a second monograph entitled Back to the Book, which will focus on altered books and on altered practices of reading, writing, and authorship in the last two decades. Special interest will be paid to the return of “presence” (Jean-Luc Nancy), singularity (Derrida), authenticity, and the author as a material trace in p-literatures.
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Sara Rosa Espi is a Phd-student at Utrecht University. She completed her MA in International Performance Research with distinction. In Back to the Book, she focuses on personal zines, how they are made, circulated, and kept, and what that tells us about our contemporary (media) culture in transition.

Inge van de Ven is a PHD-student at Utrecht University. She completed her RMA Literary Studies in the Modern Age with distinction. In Back to the Book, she focuses on typographic fictions and how these fictions have reshaped the book as a body of literature.

Affiliated researchers are Anna Poletti (co-supervisor of the project of Sara Espi) and Jessica Pressman, Ernst van Aphen, Yra van Dijk (co-supervisors of the project of Inge van de Ven).